Specialized Compounded Vet Medicine

Customized Pet Medicines

At Healthway Compounding Pharmacy we can customize your pet’s medication according to his or her size and taste. We can even make traditional dosage forms into more easily administered forms like transdermal creams. Whatever your pet medication requirements are, bring it to us. Here is a list of some of our most common Veterinary Medicine and Dosage Forms

Examples of custom-made veterinary medications and dosage forms:

  • Xylitol-free medications
  • Sugar-free medications for diabetic pets
  • Transdermal anti-motion sickness medicine that can be applied to the ear
  • Hard-to-find medicines for urinary incontinence
  • Protective medicated coatings for wounds or stitches (coatings which are difficult to lick off).
  • Concentrated solutions for birds and reptiles
  • Special dosage forms for horses and larger animals
  • Good-tasting beef, chicken, fish, tuna, marshmallow and many other flavored suspensions
  • Custom strength medications for seizures, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, parasitic infections, appetite stimulation, etc.
  • Discontinued, combination, custom-formulated products
  • Transdermal hyperthyroid medication
  • Special formula for megacolon in cats

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* Nothing herein is intended to replace or influence the independent judgement of any licensed professional.  Our pharmacy works with prescribers to provide compounded solutions to medication problems.  No claims are made as to the efficacy, safety or use of compounded formulations.  Formulations not FDA approved. The information provided herein is for reference only and is not to be relied upon as making any representation as to the efficacy of any particular formulations. The sample formulations described herein result from prescriptions previously ordered by professional licensed to write prescriptions in their respective discipline