Dr. Keri Topouzian is an osteopathic physician that is board certified in Functional Medicine and Emergency Medicine with 30+ years of experience. In his practice, he focuses on preventing and predicting disease, and to seek out the root/underlying cause of a patient’s complaints. As an example, when a patient comes in with an autoimmune condition like Hashimoto’s, Dr.T will look for an underlying cause; such as a chronic smoldering infectious process, food sensitivities, heavy metal exposure, etc.

Dr. T utilizes bio-identical hormones, pharmaceutical grade nutrients, intravenous therapies, as well as new, old & forgotten science-based treatment options while utilizing a myriad of specialty labs for testing.

The term “functional medicine” was coined by the Institute for Functional Medicine in 1993 to describe the medicine of the future. Many complementary and alternative medicine practitioners use a functional medicine approach that includes using a patient-centered approach to promote preventive healthcare.

Functional medicine professionals realize that all individuals have unique metabolic patterns that affect their health needs and therefore, the concept of individuality is central to every aspect of functional medicine, from clinical assessment and diagnosis to the broad spectrum of treatment modalities.

Jennifer Andres, MSN, FNP-C is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner in MI. She is certified with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, LARA. Graduated from Wayne State University with her BSN and completed a Masters degree from South University. In 2015 Jen started in Primary Care and kept hearing complaints of “just aging” and that did not sit well with her reasoning. She started her path into functional medicine with Function Medicine University and Institute of Functional Medicine.

Jen is a firm believer that medicine continues to evolve and should not be limited to standards that only address the minimum in one’s healthcare and wanting to get to the root of an issue.
Jen started working and training with Dr. Keri Topouzian in January 2021 and seeing patients in August 2021. She enjoys seeing patients needing hormone balancing, supplementations, thyroid health, GI disorders, metabolic and cardiovascular health.


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