Michael Collins

Michael E. Collins, R.Ph., FIACP

Compounding Pharmacist/Owner

Michael has been in pharmacy practice since 1980; He formed Healthway Pharmacy in 1985, and has been involved in multiple other pharmacies in his career.  His passion in pharmacy still is focused on compounding custom formulations of medications for unique problems.  Michael’s passion outside of pharmacy is spending time with his family.  This could be at a ski resort, on the lake or more than likely at a golf course.  Michael is most proud of the team that he has assembled to allow him to focus on problem solving for patients.

Edward Wright

Edward Wright, PharmD

Compounding Pharmacist

Eddie has been in pharmacy since 2009 and has been with Healthway since 2019. He brings passion into patient care with everyone he talks to and enjoys providing personalized care for all. He enjoys spending time with his family. The boys keep him completely occupied when he is not working. He does enjoy the outdoors and all the excitement that comes with being outside. He is very passionate about being with Healthway and looks to move pharmacy to the future with compounding specialized medications and providing top quality care for patients.

Larry Greene

Larry Greene

Compounding Consultant to Prescribers

Larry has been in the pharmacy industry for over 30 years and at Healthway since 2011. Larry spends his days consulting with providers. He visits with them to answer their questions about compounded medications and how the medications may be helpful for their patients. He enjoys his free time with his family, especially his six grandchildren (which he can send home).

Stacy Haman

Stacy Haman, C.Ph.T.

Office Manager

Stacy has been in pharmacy and working at Healthway since 1998.  As office manager Stacy is an expert at balancing the bookkeeping and human resource side of her job with taking care of patients at the customer service desk. Stacy enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is an avid concert goer and loves music. Summertime is most enjoyable for Stacy to get out on the boat and listen to some music.

Amy Bickham

Amy Bickham C.Ph.T.

Customer Service Technician

Amy has been working in pharmacy for 15 years and at Healthway since 2017. When you call us Amy will most likely be who you speak with. She enjoys spending time with her kids and cooking lots of food for them (2 boys). She also enjoys relaxing with a good book and might find her bowling for fun.

Andy Reis

Andy Reis, C.Ph.T.

Compounding Technician

Andy has been working in pharmacy since 2000 and has been with Healthway since 2004. Andy is our number one capsule compounder.  He plays the Jaansun capsule machine like an instrument.  He never knew compounding medication was something that was done, but here he is 20 years later ensuring patients get the best compounding medications they can.

Debbie Kohn

Debbie Kohn, C.Ph.T.

Compounding Technician

Debbie has worked in pharmacy since 2014 and has been with Healthway since 2017. She has perfected the art of making our pain cream. She is very active and enjoys spending time with her family, being outside swimming and playing softball. She retired from the banking industry and wanted to pursue medical field and went back to school to be a pharmacy technician and loves working with Healthway Compounding Pharmacy

Jackie Merlone

Jackie Merlone, C.Ph.T.

Compounding Technician

Jackie has been working in pharmacy for over 20 years and has been with Healthway since 2005. Jackie has trained with PCCA in compounding techniques and skills. She enjoys spending her time with her family and pets.

Danyelle Mosqueda

Electro Mortar and Pestle Hygiene Specialist

Danyelle has been working in pharmacy and at Healthway since 2019. Danyelle can get any EMP unguator back to new condition, as well as keeping the pharmacy looking pristine. She highly enjoys her coworkers here, which makes working here awesome.