Hot Spot Powder

Superficial Pyoderma and Lick Granuloma

It may be “hot spot” season for dogs, also known as superficial pyoderma. Healthway Compounding Pharmacy has been compounding a prescription medication for veterinarians they use to treat superficial pyoderma as well as lick granuloma. We call the prescription Hot Spot Powder and Hot Spot Powder DP. It contains the following ingredients:

· Betamethasone for itching and inflammation

· Deoxy-D-Glucose for healing

· Lidocaine for anesthesia

· Sucrose Octaacetate for its unpalatable taste to keep pets from licking

· 5% Diphenhydramine*

*The above ingredients may speed up healing time as well as deter the dog from further irritating the superficial pyoderma or lick granuloma by chewing/licking.

The base of the powder is denture adhesive, which when applied to a moisten wound, adheres to the wound no matter how much the animal licks.

*For lick granuloma, the same compounded prescription is used with the addition of 5% diphenhydramine. The diphenhydramine may help if the lick granuloma is due to allergies and is related to anxiety.

Instruction for use of Puffer

1. The powder in this container is a combination of a natural antifungal, a steroid and an anesthetic.

2. The usual directions are to wet the hot spot or lick granuloma with water; use two puffs (or as many as needed to cover the hot spot; re wet over the powder; apply powder once more. Use twice daily until until the hot spot or lick granuloma begins to re-grow hair or until your vet has indicated that you stop.

3. Grasp the accordion puffer between your thumb and two fore fingers. Shake the puffer to make sure that the powders move freely. Then hold the puffer horizontal or so that some powder is close to the tip. Aim it close to the superficial pyoderma or lick granuloma. Squeeze the puffer quickly to deliver the powder. You may only see a fine mist of powder go onto the hot spot or lick granuloma. It is not necessary to see a large stream of powder.

4. After the powder is administered, it is not a problem if the animal licks the hot spot or lick granuloma.

Hot spot powder is only available through a prescription written by a veterinarian. For further information on how hot spot powder may be useful for superficial pyoderma and lick granuloma, please call Mike or Amy at Healthway Compounding Pharmacy, 989-791-1691.

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