Dosage Forms Compounded Medications

  • Oral syringes – improve dosing accuracy
  • Capsules – gradual release formulations
  • Troches – “lozenges” that dissolve in the mouth
  • Lollipops – fun dosage form for slow delivery
  • Transdermal gel – great alternative to oral forms
  • Emollient Cream– great for dermatological conditions
  • Dauber Bottle– ideal for liquid preparations
  • Lip Balm applicators – super for “spot” application
  • Inhalation Devices
  • Ophthalmic Preparations
  • Otic Puffer – veterinary or human use
  • Injectables

Prescription compounding provides Healthway Pharmacy’s pharmacists the opportunity to meet each patient’s unique lasix needs. By working with the patient and their physician we strive to provide the correct dosage in the right form to maximize patient compliance and outcome. Healthway Pharmacy can combine compounded medications into unique dosage forms.

Oral Sublingual Rectal Ophthalmic Injectable
Immediate Release Capsules Troches Suppositories Suspensions Aqueous Suspensions
Sustained Release Capsules Tablet Triturates Enemas Solutions Oil Solutions
Oil Filled Capsules Drops Creams
Aqueous Suspensions Ointments
Fixed Oil Suspensions
Transdermal Implantable Vaginal Nasal Topical
Creams Suppositories Solutions Creams
Lotions Urethral Inserts Enemas Suspensions Ointments
Ointments Powders
Polyox Bandages

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Amy Dwyer R. Ph. Nutritionist speaks about supplements
Mike Collins R.Ph., FIACP speaks about the art of compounding

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