Team Members


Michael E. Collins, R.Ph., FIACP

Prescription Compounding Specialist
Certified Menopause Educator

Amy L. Dwyer, R.Ph., Nutritionist

Pharmacist, Nutritionist

Stacy Haman, C.Ph.T.

Office Manager

Andy C.Ph.T.

Compounding Technician

Jacquelyn M. Merlone C.Ph.T.

Compounding Technician

Harley Hyder C.Ph.T.

Compounding Technician

Debbie Kohn, C.Ph.T.

Compounding Technician

Tracy Ainsworth C.Ph.T.

Customer Service Technician

Amy Bickham C.Ph.T.

Customer Service Technician

Heather McMurren

Customer Service Technician

Larry Greene

Compounding Consultant

James Walton


St. Charles

Carrie M. Wilson, Pharm. D.
Pharmacist Pharmacy Manager

Chryssie Schmitzer C.Ph.T.
Pharmacy Technician

Denny Lichon, R.Ph.
Fill-in Pharmacist

Christy A. Guttowsky, C.Ph.T.
Pharmacy Technician

Marci Dehring, C.Ph.T
Pharmacy Technician

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Watch Mike Collins R.Ph. and Amy Dwyer R.Ph. , Nutritionist on the PBS, Life After 50 program
Mike Collins R.Ph., FIACP speaks about pain medications
Amy Dwyer R. Ph. Nutritionist speaks about supplements
Mike Collins R.Ph., FIACP speaks about the art of compounding



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